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Many of the top causes of death in America are preventable diseases.

Heart Disease

384,886 Deaths in 2021
90% Preventable


236,610 Deaths in 2022

Lung Cancer

71,601 Deaths in 2022

Top 10 Men’s Health Risks

Hundreds of thousands of men die every year from diseases that can be caused by lifestyle choices and preventable disease. That’s the bad news.

The good news? We believe you can rewrite the story. Through choosing healthy habits, better diet, and more exercise, you can reduce your risks of these serious diseases and improve your outcomes before, during, and after diagnosis.

Heart Disease

Heart disease is consistently the top killer of men in America. Over 384,000 deaths were attributed to heart disease in 2021. Of that, a shocking 90% were estimated to be preventable.



Lung Cancer

Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases





Leukemia and Lymphoma

You have cancer.

Gabe Canales heard the words that no one can ever imagine hearing… until they do. What happened next is a story of reclaiming a life of health and happiness, one step at a time.

Unexpected Diagnosis explores how our lifestyle and diet have a deep connection to outcomes for diseases that are typically attributed to genetics or bad luck. Improving your outcome and curing our society’s health crisis may be more attainable than we
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Own your health, don’t let it own you.

If you’re ready to take ownership of your health and wellness to create better future outcomes for you and your family, we’re here to be your biggest cheerleader.

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