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Hundreds of thousands of men die every year
from lifestyle choices and preventable disease

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Good Day Seattle – September 2022

The importance of knowing your numbers

2022 Blue Cure Men’s Health Tour

Began in Texas (June 2022)

In 2019, Blue Cure Founder Gabe Canales visited 40+ cities across America to raise awareness and get men to take life-saving action for their mental and physical health. COVID put the Road Tour on ice for 2020 and 2021. During COVID, there was a severe drop off in the number of men’s annual checkups and cancer screenings, especially with Black and Hispanic men widening the gap in racial health disparities. We know these routine check-ups and screenings save lives.

The 2022 Blue Cure Men’s Health tour will inspire men across America to take simple but life-saving action. The Tour aims to educate men on the importance of knowing their numbers and encouraging men to schedule their annual checkups, discuss cancer screenings with their physician, and educated on the benefits of making incremental lifestyle choices to improve physical and mental health.


Video from the 2019 Blue Cure Men’s Health Tour around America.


Unexpected Diagnosis

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Blue Cure Founder Gabe Canales shares how his decade-plus living with early-stage prostate cancer can benefit other men and improve physical and mental health.

In 2010, thirty-five-year-old Gabe Canales was diagnosed with prostate cancer. It was a shock—with no symptoms or family history of the disease, how could a young man receive such a serious diagnosis? Unexpected Diagnosis follows his journey to uncover the unconscious lifestyle habits that plague the well-being of American men. Through his journey to save his own life through improving his physical and mental health, he shares knowledge from top doctors, experts, and professional athletes, while providing insights on how masculinity and healthy living aren’t mutually exclusive. Canales’ story is an inspiring look at how micro changes in lifestyle and diet can lead to big changes in health, cancer outcomes, and lives saved.

A story of triumph and encouragement, Canales works to inspire and motivate men of all ages through his work to save his own life through improving physical and mental health.