Lifestyle choices for better health outcomes.

Hundreds of thousands die every year from preventable diseases. We believe you can rewrite the story.

We exist to improve outcomes in men’s health through education, screening, and lifestyle changes.

Know your risk

Hundreds of thousands of men die every year from preventable diseases like heart disease.

Prioritize Prevention

“I’ll do it later” almost always means it will be too late when you start taking preventative care.

Create Better Habits

Eating healthier, exercising regularly, and choosing better products will improve outcomes.

Heart disease killed 384,886 Americans in 2021. 90% of those deaths were deemed preventable.

That’s nearly 400,000 preventable deaths that could have been avoided with better health and lifestyle practices.

Other top killers in America:

Lung Cancer
71,601 Deaths
70,852 Deaths
70% Preventable
58,628 Deaths

It starts with lifestyle.

When it comes to prioritizing heath, many men simply don’t know where to start. To make it easy, we’ve broken down your health and prevention actions items to our Six Pillars of Lifestyle Success.

Using these six lifestyle metrics, you’ll be on your way to reducing your risk to a litany of health risks and creating habits in your life that lead to better, healthier, and longer lives.

You have cancer.

Gabe Canales heard the words that no one can ever imagine hearing… until they do. What happened next is a story of reclaiming a life of health and happiness, one step at a time.

Unexpected Diagnosis explores how our lifestyle and diet have a deep connection to outcomes for diseases that are typically attributed to genetics or bad luck. Improving your outcome and curing our society’s health crisis may be more attainable than we
ever thought.

Own your health, don’t let it own you.

If you’re ready to take ownership of your health and wellness to create better future outcomes for you and your family, we’re here to be your biggest cheerleader.

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