The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute
Wayne State University School of Medicine
Gerold Bepler, M.D., Ph.D.
President & CEO
4100 John R
Detroit, Michigan 48201
Tel: (313) 576-8670
Fax: (313) 576-8630
Information on The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute
Based in midtown Detroit, the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute is committed to a future free of cancer. The Institute has held an NCI designation as a comprehensive cancer center since 1978. The Institute supports over 100 physician-scientists, 300 researchers, five research programs and 10 core facilities. Fifteen multidisciplinary medical teams treat more than 6,000 new patients annually in two ambulatory facilities and a cancer-only, freestanding inpatient hospital with 120 beds. Karmanos is the only independent cancer hospital in Michigan. Our scientific research programs include:
The Breast Cancer Program, which is dedicated to the study of breast cancer progression, mechanisms of tumor growth and its control, the genetic aberrations of the disease, possible dietary prevention and the improvement of therapy.
Developmental Therapeutics, which focus on a better understanding of drug pathways and finding ways to improve the prediction of response. It includes a large, NCI-funded Phase I clinical trials program and a developing imaging program.
Molecular Biology and Genetics, which focuses on mechanisms of genomic instability encompassing studies of chromatin structure, cell cycle checkpoint control, transcriptional regulation of signal transduction and post-translational control mechanisms.
Population Studies and Prevention, which seeks to advance our understanding of the determinants of cancer in metropolitan Detroit’s diverse population in an effort to decrease racial and ethnic disparities.
Proteases and Cancer, which concentrates on determining the functions of proteolytic enzymes in malignant cancer progression.
Our programs are organized to integrate basic, translational and clinical research with population research-based cancer control activities. Our shared resources include Bioinformatics, Cancer Center Informatics, Behavioral Studies and Field Research, Biostatistics, Clinical Trials Office, Confocal Imaging, Flow Cytometry, Genomics, Human Tissue and Pathology, and Pharmacology.
Because Detroit is an urban, industrial setting with a heavily diverse population, the Karmanos Cancer Institute was chosen to participate in the national Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) program. Metro Detroit houses the nation’s largest population of Arab-Americans in the United States, and the city is almost 80 percent African American. This kind of diversity has allowed the Institute the opportunity to offer innumerable scientific, clinical and community outreach programs to citizens. In 2005 alone, 4,875 patients were placed in clinical trials, including 649 in therapeutic trials, and of these, 32 percent were patients from minority groups. Karmanos is affiliated with Wayne State University, one of three constitutionally autonomous major state universities in Michigan, with annual research expenditures in excess of $180 million.
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*Source: National Cancer Institute

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