2-1/2 weeks ago, during a routine physical, my bloodwork was taken. A couple of days later, the doctor called. He said all my bloodwork looked good except my PSA was a high, 23. He said we could talk in about two days but I told him I would be down in five minutes. I called my wife, Donna, and told her that I would pick her up and her only comment was “Oh No, I’ll be ready.”. There was total concern in her voice. When we got to the doctor’s office, he was ver straight forward with us and said there was a good chance that prostate cancer was indicated by the test results and recommended a Urologist who saw me two days later. He did another physical examination,and discussed the results. Prostate was normal size but firm. Options were to do another PSA and wait for the results, which he felt would still come up high later, or go straight to a biopsy which he set up and it was conducted at a surgery center two weeks ago. I get results tomorrow. Waiting is so very tough but the results will be what they are. If they aren’t positive for cancer, then we have other opportunities but it won’t be cancer. Regardless, I can’t recommend strongly enough that PSA’s are done on a regular basis after a certain age. That test may save a life.

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