The World Health Organization recently classified processed meat— including bacon— as a carcinogen to humans. Unfortunately, the research does not distinguish between nitrite-free and regular bacon nor does it distinguish between turkey bacon and regular bacon.

There is good news plant-based bacon alternatives exist—and they are so delicious! Tempeh bacon is packed with flavor and tastes excellent on a sandwich. Never had tempeh before? Well, it’s a fermented soybean product, a healthful alternative to bacon. Give it a try!





8 slices of whole grain bread

Vegan mayo or homemade cashew mayo*

1-2 large Tomatoes (sliced)

1 medium onion (optional)

1 package of tempeh bacon (or other meatless bacon)

Romaine lettuce or spinach

1 avocado (optional)


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  1. Toast the bread. Wash and slice the veggies.
  2. On a skillet, warm the meatless- bacon until reached desired texture.
  3. If making homemade mayo, blend the ingredients together until smooth.
  4. Layer ingredients on the bread. Serve with a side of fresh fruit.

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