My regular Physician who is so thorough with tests ran my PSA test a year ago and was at 4.2. Went to Urologist and he said let’s wait 6 or so months to see if it is still elevated and then do biopsy. It was still elevated and did biopsy to find it was early stage cancer back in May. Had Davinci Surgery in late July this year and will go back in October to retest for PSA to hopefully be non detectible. Never in a million years was I prepared for what this had done to me more emotionally than physically. It is such a personal matter and it is not describable to others how it truly effects you. It enrages me though to know that we are kept in the dark and that Health Insurance Companies still to this day say ” Dr’s should not test for PSA until 50″. I was 45 when tested and just turned 47, thanks to my Dr who is aggressive and smart she tested. I wonder if I would not have been tested until I was 50 where I would be???

I am hoping to be an advocate on education and awareness and I wear my Blue Cure T shirt proudly around Washington, DC.

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