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Information on Fox Chase Cancer Center
Fox Chase Cancer Center was founded in 1904 as one of the nation’s first cancer hospitals. In 1974, Fox Chase became one of the first institutions designated as a National Cancer Institute Comprehensive Cancer Center. Fox Chase conducts basic, clinical, population and translational research; programs of prevention, detection and treatment of cancer; and community outreach. The mission of Fox Chase is simple: to reduce the burden of human cancer.
Fox Chase’s 100-bed hospital is one of the few facilities in the country devoted entirely to cancer care. In September 2000, the Hospital of Fox Chase Cancer Center became the nation’s first comprehensive cancer center and Pennsylvania’s first hospital to receive Magnet status for nursing excellence from the American Nurses Credentialing Center, which renewed this honor in 2004 and 2009.
More than 200 clinical trials of new prevention, diagnostic and treatment techniques are under way at any one time. Fox Chase is also involved in developing trials to test new agents that may prevent cancer in high-risk individuals. Combining research in many disciplines with patient care enables Fox Chase to translate new research findings into medical applications that may become models for improved cancer care.
Fox Chase researchers work not only to provide excellent patient care through clinical research but also to understand both normal and abnormal cell growth and development and to identify people at high risk of cancer, developing strategies to reduce these risks through programs of prevention and early detection.
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*Source: National Cancer Institute

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