HOUSTON — It wasn’t only a first for KHOU, it was also a first for Houston television.

During Men’s Health Awareness Month, KHOU partnered with the lovely Hotel Zaza for a Tweetup, and the result was more than anyone imagined. A record number of people partied the night away and raised money for the Blue Cure Foundation.

On Friday morning, Kyra Coots with Hotel Zaza presented Blue Cure founder Gabe Canales with a check for $10,000. The pair joined anchor Lily Jang on KHOU 11 News This Morning to discuss the event.

“I want to thank all of you: Lily, everyone at KHOU, Christine DiStadio, all the 11 personalities,” said Canales. “All the promotion you guys put behind it raised a lot of awareness, and I want to thank everyone at Hotel Zaza.”

Don’t know what a Tweetup is? Simply put, it’s a meeting or event planned and publicized by Twitter users. The Blue Cure Tweetup raised money to spread the word about prostate cancer.

Another Tweetup for Blue Cure will take place at the Hotel Zaza in Dallas on Sept. 28.


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more links at https://bluecure.org

Please join me in the fight to end prostate cancer! Sign up and make a difference at https://bluecure.org

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