PORTLAND, Ore — Gabe Canales was just 35 years old when a doctor accidentally ordered a prostate screening test — and it came back with some alarming results.

“Four weeks later they called and said we need you to come back for a re-test,” Canales said. “Reluctantly , I agreed to a biopsy, because I was in my 30s … And it came back as cancer.”

Prostate cancer.

Canales was shocked — no one in his family had a history of prostate cancer, let alone, any type of cancer. He decided to look into why he might have gotten the disease — one that usually affects older men.

“I started looking at all the foods I’d had for first 35 years of my life,” Canales said. “They had hormones, pesticides, fungicides. I never considered that before. I never considered household contaminants and environmental conditions that could have affected me.”

Canales immediately made lifestyle changes, changing his diet by cutting out red meat, and eating more plant-based foods. He also upped his exercise routine.

And then, he took it a step further — founding the Blue Cure Foundation, to educate young men about the disease.

“I thought it was important to start a movement,” the Texas native explained during a visit to Portland last week. “One of empowerment, to educate men of a younger age on what they can do to reduce their chances of ever getting prostate cancer.”

Canales travels the country most of the year, speaking with men at schools and organizations. He also has received a lot of celebrity support behind his cause, from the likes of Sir Roger Moore, Warren Moon, Fran Drescher and others.

You will also see Canales in the upcoming documentary “A Matter of Life,” which looks at the culture of cancer.

“It is the most important movie coming out in 2013,” he said. “It will educate viewers on the importance of being proactive in healthcare, and what they can do to reduce chances of getting cancer.”

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