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The Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center is the only NCI–designated comprehensive cancer center in the nation’s capital. Since it was established in December 1970, Georgetown University has maintained a high level of commitment to the success of the Cancer Center. Lombardi is a matrix center represented by 200 members, participating in six research programs with 13 shared resources, working primarily in five adjacent buildings within the Georgetown University Medical Center. The research programs are as follows:

  • Breast Cancer;
  • Cancer Control;
  • Cancer Genetics and Epidemiology;
  • Growth Regulation of Cancer;
  • Molecular Targets and Developmental Therapeutics; and
  • Radiation Biology and DNA Repair.
  • Shared resources include:
  • Animal;
  • Biacore and Molecular Interactions;
  • Biostatistics and Bioinformatics;
  • Clinical and Molecular Epidemiology;
  • Clinical Research Management Office;
  • Familial Cancer Registry;
  • Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting;
  • Histopathology and Tissue;
  • Macromolecular Analysis;
  • Microscopy and Imaging;
  • Proteomics & Metabolomics;
  • Tissue Culture; and
  • Transgenics.

Peer–reviewed research funding for 2007 totals $70.0 million and total NCI funding is $36.0 million. In 2000, Georgetown University Hospital became part of MedStar Health, a non–profit network of seven regional hospitals, which together see more than 7000 new cancer patients annually. The Lombardi MedStar Research Network has been a great success, both with increased accrual to clinical trials and increased Cancer Center membership. In 2007, over 200 patients were accrued to therapeutic trials.

Louis M. Weiner, MD, was named the permanent director of the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center at Georgetown University in October 2007. An internationally recognized medical oncologist specializing in the treatment in gastrointestinal cancers, Dr. Weiner is also an accomplished researcher developing novel immunotherapy treatments in his laboratory. His work focuses on new therapeutic approaches that mobilize the patient’s immune system to fight cancer using monoclonal antibodies—laboratory–crafted proteins designed to recognize specific cancer cells. His laboratory designs and produces new antibody–based proteins with the aim of improving their tumor–targeting and immune–stimulating properties. Board certified in internal medicine and medical oncology by the American Board of Internal Medicine, Dr. Weiner has published more than 150 scientific papers and lectures extensively on targeted therapies for cancer.

Dr. Weiner serves as the fourth director of the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. The center was founded at Georgetown University in honor of all–star football coach Vincent T. Lombardi in 1971 by John F. Potter, MD, a member of Vince Lombardi’s oncology team. In 1974, in conjunction with Howard University, Lombardi Cancer Center became the 16th National Cancer Institute–designated Comprehensive Cancer Center. The designation was renewed for Lombardi as a single–site center in 1990 and has been maintained since that time.

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*Source: National Cancer Institute

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