Blue Cure Founder Gabe Canales on KOMO 4 Seattle (ABC News) – discussing Prostate Cancer Awareness, Prevention & PSA Screenings. 10.04.2011 (Seattle, WA)

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A little about the Blue Cure Foundation:

Did you know prostate cancer is more common than breast cancer? Prostate cancer strikes 1 in 6 men, while breast cancer strikes 1 in 8 women. Last year in 2010, an estimated 217,730 U.S. men were diagnosed with prostate cancer and 32,050 died of the disease, the most commonly diagnosed “male cancer.”

When I was diagnosed in 2010 at age 35, like most men I had little idea what it was. Now I do — and I want to help others learn, too. So I’m criss-crossing the country, met with top doctors, researchers, patients & advocates, and appeared in interviews to raise awareness and educate others.

Yes, I’m committed — and I’m devoting the rest of my life to raising awareness and saving lives. That’s why in summer 2011 I officially launched the Blue Cure Foundation, as the “blue” men’s side of the “pink” campaign for women’s breast cancer. Our goal is to raise awareness of prostate cancer, encourage annual screenings at a younger age, promote healthier dietary & lifestyle habits known to aid in the prevention of prostate cancer, reach a younger generation, and SAVE LIVES!

Please join me in the fight to end prostate cancer! Sign up and make a difference at

– Gabe Canales

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