Advocacy is an important part of our mission. Before, during, and after cancer, we believe that men should have the information and know-how to create the best opportunities for prevention and healing. That’s why we’re continually fighting to create conversations around what we know to be true: 9 out of ten cancers are potentially preventable. 

MD Anderson | Houston, TX

MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, is fighting cancer with cutting-edge research.


Research For Prevention and Cures

Cancer is a reality. A terrible reality, but a reality nonetheless. At Blue Cure, we support organizations and individuals that are researching or working towards not only cures, but education for awareness and prevention.

Like everyone else, we want to see cancer cured in our lifetime. But we know that curing cancer is only part of the equation, and until that happens, prevention methods and choices have the potential to drastically decrease the frequency of cancer diagnoses.  Environmental factors such as diet, exercise, and natural products have been found by some researchers to have significant effects in reducing risk of cancers, and we want everyone to know about it.

For more information about how we’re advocating and petitioning for prostate cancer prevention, read about some of our programs by clicking the link to the right.

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1 in 4 Men Are Diagnosed With Cancer

Are you at Risk?


Most people don't realize that around 25% of men are diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime, but only 1 in 10 cases are due to genetic defect. Blue Cure knows cancer can be preventable, and we're on a mission to make sure everyone else knows it as well.


Blue Cure is all about stopping cancer before it starts, and we advocate on behalf of men everywhere for that to happen. We're continually petitioning for awareness and changes in products and lifestyles to decrease the rate of cancer across America and beyond.

Improving Outcomes.

Unfortunately, cancer strikes men all to often. That's why in addition to efforts to preventing cancer, we want to be a resource to men and families living with cancer. Our cancer center map and treatment guides help patients find the best opportunities for a positive outcome.