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You never expect a prostate cancer diagnosis to happen to you. You never expect prostate cancer will take those closest to you.

However, prostate cancer will strike one in every seven American men. Only 10% of cases are genetic – which means we have the opportunity, through education on preventative measures, to save the heartbreak and fear that impact those with a prostate cancer diagnosis.

That’s why we think this message needs to be highlighted by the most powerful office in the world. 

Join us as we petition the White House to light blue for one night in the month of September to build support and awareness for prostate cancer.

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The White House goes pink for breast cancer awareness. It's time they lit blue for prostate cancer.

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Most people don't realize that around 25% of men are diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime, but only 1 in 10 cases are due to genetic defect. Blue Cure knows cancer can be preventable, and we're on a mission to make sure everyone else knows it as well.


Blue Cure is all about stopping cancer before it starts, and we advocate on behalf of men everywhere for that to happen. We're continually petitioning for awareness and changes in products and lifestyles to decrease the rate of cancer across America and beyond.

Improving Outcomes.

Unfortunately, cancer strikes men all to often. That's why in addition to efforts to preventing cancer, we want to be a resource to men and families living with cancer. Our cancer center map and treatment guides help patients find the best opportunities for a positive outcome.