About Our Camps

Blue Cure believes in creating awareness of and healthy lifestyles to fight preventable diseases early in life. With this in mind, we established our first basketball camps with the goal to educate young men and women on these choices through the lens of sportsmanship and athletic skill. By partnering with established camps and coaches, we seek to give our youth and the adults of tomorrow a fighting chance against cancer before it ever strikes.

Blue Cure AAU Teams

Blue Cure partners with local sports teams under the umbrella of the AAU(Amateur Athletic Union) to create teams with a purpose. By uniting athletic activity with health and anti-cancer education, Blue Cure hopes to increase awareness of preventable diseases and decrease the occurrences of young adult cancer diagnoses. With team in Houston and the surrounding areas, Blue Cure hopes to expand this program rapidly over the next few years.

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Most people don't realize that around 25% of men are diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime, but only 1 in 10 cases are due to genetic defect. Blue Cure knows cancer can be preventable, and we're on a mission to make sure everyone else knows it as well.


Blue Cure is all about stopping cancer before it starts, and we advocate on behalf of men everywhere for that to happen. We're continually petitioning for awareness and changes in products and lifestyles to decrease the rate of cancer across America and beyond.

Improving Outcomes.

Unfortunately, cancer strikes men all to often. That's why in addition to efforts to preventing cancer, we want to be a resource to men and families living with cancer. Our cancer center map and treatment guides help patients find the best opportunities for a positive outcome.